In 2004, a Master Building Study Plan identified over $2 million would be required for necessary renovations to the library. The improvements included an updated electrical system, a new fire safety system, ADA compliant egress, and a ventilation system – to name a few. A group of concerned citizens formed a non-profit and began planning for a library building to serve the Town into the future.

The Library Trustees minimized spending on building repairs while planning and development went forward.  The project was scheduled to begin in 2008 but was delayed by the Recession.  Ten years later, the project was again ready to be presented to the CIP Committee, Budget Committee, and Select Board, all of which approved it during a public process. 65% of the funding for the new library has been raised by private donations and through the work of volunteers. At the 2018 Town Meeting, a resounding vote of 502 in favor and 126 opposed passed the warrant.  Construction will begin when 100% of the private funding is secured.

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