The Town of Peterborough led the formation a coalition of ten communities and organizations that combined purchasing power to cooperatively bring about larger regional energy consumption awareness, change, and cost reduction.  This local energy collaboration currently consists of the following town’s and organizations; Town of Peterborough NH, Town of Dublin NH, Town of Hancock NH, Town of Jaffrey NH, SAU 47, Town of Francestown NH, Town of Temple NH, Town of Swanzey NH, Town of Rindge NH, and the Monadnock Economic Development Corporation.

With the Town of Peterborough providing the initial example and project leadership, the coalition partnered with Integrys in 2013 to deliver renewable energy to participants in the local energy collaborative through the utilization wind-generated power.  As a result of this collaborative purchasing partnership, members of the coalition are now utilizing 100% renewable energy in their facilities. 

This collaborative partnership earned the Town of Peterborough and the Peterborough Power Collaborative national award recognition as a Green Power Purchasing Leader.  

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