For nearly twenty years, the Town of Peterborough has undertaken countless activities and initiatives to reduce its energy usage, often primarily as a cost saving measure, but with the perhaps greater secondary benefit of reducing the Town’s part in global climate change. Energy saving, GHG emission-averting measures have been planned into nearly all of the town’s building and renovation projects, which have in turn raised the consciousness of the staff to find alternatives to procedures and products that help us to meet the larger-than-us goal of reducing our impact on the environment. Most of these things difficult to track and often unmeasurable, especially without the on-staff expertise to measure the impact of the smaller changes; i.e. replacing paper towel dispensers in the Upper Hall with hand dryers, or using soy-based ink to print the Annual Report rather than traditional ink.

The file attached below is a comprehensive narrative that describes many of the programs and projects undertaken by the Town in recent years, as well as brief summaries of the significant changes in build profiles that lead to a reduction in GHG emissions.